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Any owner who is in love and passionate about his car will no doubt read this file carefully! Because it is this attention that you pay him that will allow you to keep your "beautiful" for a long time as on the first day and, if necessary, to resell it at the best price! With spring and the beautiful days coming back, the time has come to build up the bodywork to show off in the sun. So we rolled up our sleeves to test several cleaning and maintenance products for the general public and share some basic advice with you ...


Washing with high pressure water jets, simple and fast, has experienced a huge boom in recent years, gradually replacing the gantry rollers. The famous brush rollers or other brooms have not yet completely disappeared, now using new synthetic materials which are much less aggressive for varnishes in paints. This washing method retains its comfort and speed without equal since you have nothing else to do than put a coin (or a token) in the device! However, if you want to keep your car for a long time this is probably not the most recommended method of washing ...

The main advantage of high pressure washing is that it does not create any physical contact between the material and your paint. Only the sprayed water, mixed with soap, will therefore be responsible for removing the dirt with its muscular little arms. Ideal for cleaning especially the rocker panels and the underbody (removing salt or mud in winter is essential), washing with a water jet therefore does not scratch the paint. However, the action of the high pressure jet is not completely without effect on the paint: it can aggravate small splinters of paint (often on the front face), on the painted plastic parts or on the chrome. Also at the joints, it is not advisable to go too close at the risk of damaging them.


For the reasons mentioned above, hand washing remains the most popular method for maniac owners who really want to pamper their beloved car. A solution also more economical but also, very tedious! Fortunately, the result is generally up to the time spent and only this solution makes it possible to clean each part of the body in every corner. But the most important is above all to use perfectly adapted products and to respect a few rules:

Washing products:

A detergent such as dishwashing detergent is only to be used in extreme cases where its detergent action may prove useful. In fact, its active agents will remove the entire protective layer at the level of the body and attack the varnish. The dishwashing product will also have the effect of withdrawing all the benefit of a buffing or waxing carried out previously. Therefore, it is preferable to use an auto shampoo, a product that is easily found in all auto centers or supermarkets. However, if the price differences are significant enough, not all of these products are created equal.

 We for our part tested the shampoo of the American specialist Meguiar's. The best car wash soaps which have made it possible to create a fully synthetic concentrated shampoo (2 caps are enough in a bucket of water) which peels off and emulsifies road film or grime, including lubricating agents to make this dirt slip and do not scratch the surface. Softening agents reduce lime deposits in the water, leaving a streak-free finish.

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